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why we love pre-loved

to us, buying pre-loved or vintage means more than shopping sustainably - which, of course, is a huge plus! - but it's also a creative outlet, an opportunity to support small business and an affordable way to invest in unique pieces that tell historical stories.

blue glass collection

sustainability, yay!

As a vintage goods shop, we realize the positive impact of buying second hand. Shopping sustainably means less finite resources exhausted and less items contributing to waste and landfills.

While every single item in our house isn't on its second (or third) life, we do try to be conscious about our buying habits and love balancing out modern pieces with really unique vintage accents like planters, candlesticks, vases and funky kitchenware.

get creative

Shopping second hand and vintage means increased creativity when selecting pieces for your space!

Let's face it, when you spot the same piece you just purchased in multiple friends' homes, it takes the fun out of finding that "unique piece."

Buying second hand gives you the opportunity to stumble across unique, historical pieces that are bound to be conversation starters amongst friends.

support local small business

There's nothing more important these days than shopping small! Supporting local business and local economy has a significant impact on local community and individuals. Building relationships with local business owners is a great way to invest in your community...and we can't wait to meet you too.


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