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five vintage pieces to jazz up your at home bar

these unique vintage pieces are perfect for entertaining and will help round out your personal barware collection. we love vibrant colors, interesting shapes + different textures!

metal or glass bar tray

the key to a good bar tray is something that's water resistant because, let's face it, spills happen! incorporating a colorful tray can help make your bar pop.

variety of cocktail glasses

having at least three different types of glasses allows for a little variety when pouring up drinks! stock glasses for drinks that you make most frequently.

our top picks? a nice set of wine glasses, rocks glasses, coupe glasses, collins + martini glasses all make the cut for us 🍸

bowl for citrus

keep your bar lookin' fresh by displaying citrus 🍋 choose a unique shape, color or texture to add some personality to your set up.

eye catching decanter or pitcher

make this a stand out piece...a conversation starter! choose something that compliments your personal bar style whether that's minimalist, mid-century modern or eclectic.

toothpick holder

an easy add to your bar set up that doesn't take up a lot of space...a toothpick holder! it is a nice little touch, especially if you're a lover of martinis 🫒

we could stock our bar with soo many fun finds. a few additional pieces that didn't make our list: vintage ice buckets, bar tools like bottle + wine openers, cocktail stirrers, napkins and a cocktail shaker.

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