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setting the table with Grand Cata

Grand Cata shares tips to allow your wines to breathe, while Underground Goods breathes a little inspiration to your vintage holiday table-scape in this co-written post.

Nicely set tables can help take a gathering to the next level. When accompanied by the right wine, spirits, cocktails, and delicious food, stories are told, jokes abound, and lifelong memories get made. To help you celebrate in style this holiday season, Grand Cata and Underground Goods partner to bring you a Vintage Glassware Pop Up at Grand Cata’s communal table in the Shaw location.

When getting creative with table and bar settings, choose a vibe or color palette that speaks to you and build from there. Additionally, mixing and matching glassware not only helps guests keep track of their glass, it also brings a little personality to your space. You can also easily create visual interest by playing with height. Just remember to keep things low enough to see your friends around the table!

If you're going to set your table well, why not give the wine a little love, too? Two steps that people often overlook are serving the wine at the appropriate temperature, and allow

ing a wine ample to breathe.

There’s plenty of wiggle room for each. You just want to avoid serving the wine too warm or

too cold, and all wine benefits from some time sitting open. If you have a beautiful decanter, then by all means, use it. However, for a simple and easy way to let a wine breathe, we recommend you open it, pour yourself a third of a glass, put the cork back in and let it sit for at least half an hour. The longer, the better, up to a few hours, especially for bold reds and older wines.

So why vintage? We love the history and the story cool vintage glassware tells! Each piece has a story behind it and by owning it you and your guests become a part of that story. Plus, there's a comfort and familiarity about finding just the right item for a space.


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