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cooking with glass

Wait - is that a glass skillet?

glass cookware pyrex corning visionware flameware

Yes it is. And yes, you can use it directly on the stovetop!

Glass cookware and bakeware has been produced around the world for many years under

different brands and manufacturers. You could spend a whole evening exploring the internet rabbit hole of history and usage of glass bakeware (and we have). For those who don’t have that kind of time on your are the highlights.

A Brief History

Pyrex Flameware was produced from 1936 to 1979. The Flameware line indicates that pieces can be used directly on the stove top and is made from borosilicate.

pyrex visionware skillet
pyrex corning visionware skillet

Corning France Visionware was developed in 1977 and made its way to the states in the 80s. It’s made of Calexium which has extremely high thermal shock resistance. Vision is one of the few lines that can be used on the stovetop.

*Not all Pyrex pieces can be used on the stovetop. Look for the Vision brand or a flame marking.

Recommendations For Use

Pyrex Flameware and Visionware can be used directly on the stove top. Use a medium heat setting or lower; the glass will magnify the heat. It is especially important to keep heat settings at medium or lower on glass top stoves.

Condition is key. Keep your pieces in top condition. If you notice any cracks or scratches, discontinue use. Do not use metal utensils on your cookware.

Do not use Pyrex, Corning, any glass bakeware on the stovetop, broiler, etc unless it is directly noted. The glass is developed differently so always read the markings and labels before use.


There are adventurous consumers who will use their Visions from freezer to stovetop - and then there are more cautious consumers. After extensive research, we fall in the middle and suggest using pieces in excellent condition under the appropriate heat settings.

glass pyrex flameware teapot
chic pyrex flameware 6-cup teapot

Are you currently steeping with curiosity? Is your excitement boiling over? These pieces are fun, funky + functional - will they find a new home in your kitchen? Browse our current selection of vintage pieces.

*We're not scientists nor are we affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this post. We are home bakers and vintage enthusiasts sharing our research.


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