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the one germ you'll actually want to get your hands on

it's 2021, and while we are still frequently sanitizing, there is a nutritious, nutty germ you will want to bring into your kitchen - wheat germ.

wheat germ is the part of wheat kernel responsible for growing and reproducing wheat. because it's the growth powerhouse for wheat, it's full of nutrients like fiber, vitamins B+E, phosphorous and magnesium. stuff that's good for your digestion, cell strength, and yes even your mood.

what's even better - it adds a roasty, toasty nutty flavor to breads - especially our wheat germ baguette available for pre-order! this baguette has French roots (just like our star baker), however it isn't the bread you'd typically picture tucked under a Parisian's arm while cycling home on a Sunday afternoon.

our wheat germ baguette is light and nutty with a soft, bubbly crumb. it all starts with a French pre-ferment called poolish vs. a traditional sourdough starter - it's a much shorter and gentler fermentation process so you won't find that sourdough tang. the dough is folded often which strengthens it to yield a rounder baguette at the end of its bake.

TLDR: this isn't your traditional French baguette, but it is damn tasty.

if you're looking for sandwich inspo this week, we were inspired by the unorthodox nature of this French baguette and created a riff on another classic with French roots - the bahn mi.

the sandwich has so many delicious elements:

  • a crisp, warm baguette

  • spicy chili mayo

  • crunch from sliced cucumbers

  • tangy pickled carrots

  • a little kick from the jalapeños

  • and, some brightness from the cilantro + scallions

to ours, we also added sesame crusted marinated tofu. let us know how you're enjoying your baguette - tag us in your photos @underground.goods!

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