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get to know local artist, Sheree Brand

we've linked up with heart-centric creative, Sheree to create a collection that highlights women of color, friendship + rest. learn more about the artist and shop the collection dropping September 15th on our website.

about Sheree Brand Sheree, a heart-centric creative living in the DC metro area, began drawing at a young age. after pursuing a degree in biology and a career in higher education, she realized art truly had ahold of her heart! When it comes to her work, Sheree is inspired by the feminine spirit and believes nothing is more beautiful than a woman simply existing. She creates art that highlights and elevates women of color, friendships between women, and women at rest. Sheree believes laughter cures all and wants to leave the world a little more joy-filled than she found it.

we gotta know...what's your perfect cookie?

a giant, warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookie

describe your style as it relates to your art

I actually don’t think I adhere to one specific style of art. That’s kind of the beauty of digital art. In one app, I have so many tools at my disposal. While I don't think I have one style, I do have a lot of recurring themes / aspects I focus on in my work like the fashion, the calm colors, natural hair, rest, community and diversity in body types and skin tones.

what's your process when creating a new piece?

I usually start with the pose and go from there. I have several works in progress that are just messy figure drawings waiting to become something more. A quick sketch of two lying women becomes friends lying on a blanket on a spring day, basking in the sun.

from where do you pull your inspiration?

Everywhere. Sometimes, it’s as simple as the colors in a pile of clothing on my chair or a song lyric. I also have a Pinterest board filled with portraits, patterns, color palettes, and art that I’ll refer to when I need inspiration.

None of my work is actually based on a real person but sometimes multiple people. I’ll take this model’s eyes, this influencer’s mouth - sort of like composite drawings - that’s when I actually draw a face. Most of my work is faceless and those are typically inspired from just scenes of life: a girl at a record shop, a sleepover, a resting book lover.

who are some of your favorite artists?

Janice Sung and Holly Nichols are two of my current favorites.

where to find Sheree Brand


shop the collection launching September 15th at

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