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a real good picnic

Spring has sprung in Washington, DC and after a long-quarantined winter, we are here for it! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the change in season than a relaxing day spent outside enjoying the sun with a couple friends in your pod, and dare I say most importantly… real good snacks.

This week we’ve curated the ‘picnic pack’ which includes a smattering of almost everything you’ll want to have on hand to easily make your weekend afternoon a great one.

The picnic pack includes:

1 - 14 inch baguette

1 - 3.5 ounce pack of good nuts

1 - 6 ounce pack of 12 lemon & thyme cookies

Now feel free to enjoy these fresh baked goodies in any fashion you’d like, however there are a few pro-tip pairings we recommend.

Bottle of wine

We love wine. We love natural wine. And a glou-glou is going to take your picnic to the next level. “Glou glou” is a French term that translates to “glug glug” and basically means the bottle is so damn good you’ll be slurping it down. This type of wine is typically easy drinking, lower alcohol content, and pairs really well with food.

Soft cheese

A smooth triple-cream will go beautifully smeared on top of your crunchy baguette. A creamy, tangy blue cheese would be just as yummy. If you opt for a triple cream, try drizzling it with honey and then sprinkling it with some of the sweet & spicy toppings from the ‘good nuts.’ It’ll bring snacking to the next level.

That’s really all you need, but if you’re feeling extra, add on some fruits & veggies and charcuterie. Peep our styling board below for a little inspo.

And whatever you do, save room for dessert. Don’t sleep on those lemon & thyme cookies.


Pre-order your picnic pack by Thursday, March 25 at 7:00pm

so we can bake it fresh for your weekend.

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